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Tableware Remail Box Become Popular

With the rise of e-commerce, ceramic kits have also begun to go online, and more and more customers are asking for mail-order packaging.

Here below is one of an EU client’s packing require:

Ensure mail order pack has been fully approved BEFORE shipment.

Please print “FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE” “THIS WAY UP” on all mater cartons and on all mail order packs.

Mail order packs must be capable of withstanding the industry stardard “DROP TEST”= 8 drops onto corners, edges and faces onto solid uncarpeted floor.

*Ensure all packaging is CLEAN and DRY before packing product into it.

Ensure all cartons are CLEAN and DRY before loading onto the container.

Ensure each mail order carton contains 6x 5ply liners (one on each inner side of the carton):

8 Drops including

5 sides

2 lines

1 corner

With the rise of e-commerce, more and more customers are asking for mail-order packaging for ceramics. Like Bowls 4 Piece Set, 12pcs or 16pcs dinner set for ISTA 1A/ 3A/ Amazon Fedex 6A, or your own drop test stardands, can help got 3rd party Ista certified testing.
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