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Do you really know every tea culture?

Every drinking culture is inseparable from the corresponding drinking utensils, like people here in China drinking tea. The main content of Chinese tea ceremony emphasizes the beauty of five factors, namely tea, water, temperature/heat, tea set/service and environment, when make semi-fermented tea or fully fermented tea, many people will use purple clay pots, except clay material, porcelain, lacquer, glass, metal, and bamboo for different area and tea.

Upclay know coffee from customer at begining

If we don’t offer cups for Italy market, as a Chinese porcelain cups&saucer supplier, we must not know there are many types/models for coffee. Cups/Tazze mainly in Espresso/Caffè, Cappuccino, Colazione, Latte, Mug, and other porcelain items like Sugar bowl/Sugar Holder Mug/Tazzone portazzucchero/Milk jug/LATTIERA, Tea Pot/TEIERA, Dripper etc.

cups china supplier for white mug and plate filled with coffee beans on a white background

Upclay always learn from customer cases, to understand first, and then to meet customer’s requirements.

At the beginning, a client asked us to make their espresso cup at least 9mm thick, then we got the reason as the wider of the cup rim very effects coffee taste. So if cup is too big, will causes the crema to spread out, become too thin, and fade quickly. Its shape will affects the temperature of the espresso, thicker will keep the heat not become cold quickly, small size will not exposing it too much to the air, knowing the reason and we must let our related production team and workers know as well, because each cups need their care and attention.

If we just mention above reasons to worker, they will just have a feeling that coffee is far away from their daily life, and it is complicated or it is just a demands from clients so we need to match. While giving them an example of making green tea will help them feel better, if you having green tea, may not use boiling water at 100°C, but about 80°C, and you will care about the time when brewing, and also the utensils for making tea, for the porcelain coffee cups, our production job is a very important part to make a nice coffee, it is not only about simply brewing, but a experience, and then our workers understand the point, so that they will naturally develop a respect for the coffee culture, and create a spirit of excellence in coffee cup manufacturing.

All people from Upclay always learned from our client, from each projects, still studying on the way to serve you. Based on ceramic products, to be a good Cultural Messenger.

Many Italian customers who buy cups&saucers and mugs from Upclay, their corn business is coffee, coffee beans, or coffee machines, Coffee Roastery, and they serve tens of thousands of ordinary consumers, and cups are just accessories or even gifts for their stores, many of them are not for making money on the cups, but for marketing and promoting their own brands, so that they can become more and more influential in the market competition.

You can imagine that your customers are holding a customized brand logo coffee cup, they share this comfort with their friends and colleagues. Holding your cup and chatting about your products, your business will only get better and better.

upclay home professional Italian coffee match cup coffee mug with beans

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