Athens Collection Green Reactive Teapot For One Person

Athens Collection Green Reactive Teapot For One Person

This matte athens collection combine with embossed stripes and circles dots, looks very elegant and rustic, can choose a cups, mugs or plates to match with your table.

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UPS0131791 dinner plate 26.8*2.3*16.1
UPS0131792 salad plate 21.8*1.8*12.8
UPS0131793 soup plate 21.7*3.8*9.2
UPS0131794 12oz mug 8.7*9.7*5.6
UPS0131795 8” salad bowl 20.5*12.1*11
UPS0131796 5.4” bowl 13.6*6.8*6.7
UPS0131797 4.8” rice bowl 12.4*7.9*6.2
UPS0131798 3.2” dip bowl 8.2*4.8*4
UPS0131799 coffee cup 8*8.4*7
UPS0131809 Saucer 14.5*2*8.2
UPS0131801 sugar pot 8.8*6.8*6.6
with lid 10.5 cm
UPS0131802 milk pot 6.48*8.9
UPS0131803 batter bowl 17.5*11.7*7.8
UPS0131805 tea pot 8.7*8.7*10
with lid 12.5 cm
UPS0131806 jug 8.6*17.5*10.6
UPS0131807 one person teapot set with lid 9.9 cm
UPS0131809 14.5*2*8.2

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