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According to the Ceramic and Porcelain Tableware Market report, valued at USD 6.7 billion in 2023, is expected to hit USD 8.1 billion by 2028, with a 4.1% annual growth rate.

Upclay know coffee first from an Italy client, they asked for cups shapes, thickness etc, and we finally met their requirements. A culture is not you heard before, but you
At the beginning, our main materials were stoneware and white porcelain. As our distributors demanded different materials, we began to provide different materials to help customers to enrich their store.
For the effect of dinnerware, can be solid color glaze, matt, shinny, reactive, crystal, mixture, grainy, decal, hand printing etc. , almost all pantones are workable. It can meet the
Different molding process for dinnerware will make out different shapes, and the cost and labor, luckily, if you have projects that including different shapes, we can combine your dinnerware with
The reason for Stoneware are popular not because its various retro effects, but it the needs of the development of the times, it is the most environmentally friendly material among

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