How can we know stoneware?

Stoneware is a ceramic product between pottery and porcelain. The features are as follows:

a. High mechanical strength;

b. Good thermal stability.

c. The decoration is rich in color. (Especially in Reactive glaze)

According its material, it has 2 kinds, one is fired around 1160-1190℃, we call Low temperature stoneware, Medium temperature stoneware fired around 1260-1300℃, normally for metallic glaze, cracked glaze. Of course, the water absorption rate is different.

Popular from EU market, now like US, AU market are getting more and more hot for stoneware dinner set, as stoneware is the most environmentally friendly materials in ceramic dinnerware.

The color is very rich, which can meet almost all the pantones, and we can do it with different finish, such as matte glaze, shiny glaze, double or multi-layer reactive glaze.

The cost is very competitive, we have advantage of this products in price on the market.Of course it is microwave & dishwasher safe. Compared to other materials, stoneware is more competitive; its glaze is more open and inclusive: solid, matt, shinny, reactive, crystal, mixture, grainy etc. almost all pantones are workable.

The reason for Stoneware are popular not because its various retro effects, but it the needs of the development of the times, it is the most environmentally friendly material among all ceramics, which is very suitable for many companies’ green and environmental protection themes.

By the way, we have begun to develop tableware made of various environmentally friendly materials such as PET, such as corn stalks, wheat straws, and coffee grounds product, will show updates soon, or contact us for more eco-friendly dinnerware.

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