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Professional OEM/ODM For Ceramic tableware.

We’re keen to constantly break through ourselves, R&D colleagues concentrate on OEM&ODM projects who keeps brainstorming in dinnerware design, make it come true and also its quality can be stable in long-term production.

Design Team

Focusing on design, Conduct regular research on the target market, and have a unique understanding of the trend of tableware, and also combine the practicality and fashion of ceramic tableware.

Cost & time Savings

From design, manufacturing, product quality, packaging, logistic for shipments, till to your warehouse, 1 to 1 follow-up your projects in every processes, you can have more time to care about your market side.

One-stop Solution

Try to make your buying experience as easy and enjoyable as shopping at a local convenience store near your home. DDP service, handling producting, loading, transporting, anti-dumping taxing, truck to their warehouse, after-sale service.

Quality Assurance

From sampling to mass production, our QC will inspecting color difference, shape, package, print logo, production methods, test etc, make sure everything goes well to meet the demand of our customers.

Upclay offers more than these categories, always creating more to suits your lifestyle.

Keep developing and supplying high quality ceramics kitchenware stuff, with passion for life and social responsibility.

Customized collection in classic, organic, textured, reactive, pure white,straight-sided,unglazed etc with 12pcs 16pcs set in gift/color box, remailer package pass ISTA.
Found your best 4pcs salad plate sets, in full decal, speckled, embossed, hand-printed with open stock packing.
According to the function of use for kitchen&dining bowl style including rice, soup, salad, dip ramen, spaghetti, batter, mixing, cereal, dinner and baking bowl set etc.
Not just a gift or accessories for your business, we care each mugs and cups from our product line. A value that cannot be ignored for your drinkware.
All-round your table matching, can’t missing coffee spoons, milk jugs, vases, egg cup, candle holder to enjoy your lovely dinner time.

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Based On Clay, Upwards To Your Home. Get More From Upclay.

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Trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide

Good service. Helped my business a lot! Thanks Upclay and all team behind. You make design come true in suitable and affordable solutions. Keep my ideas well, and make sure stable quality in mass production, and also care about my sales in my market, avoid additional cost, so important partner.
You know and understand our needs very well, it is easy to work with Upclay. Very sensitive to ceramic dinner set trends in our market. Your recommendations can always show your unique understanding of our tableware guides, especially Vintage Inspired Series!! Thanks.
Hardware Senior Buyer
Protect our items well, understand the uniqueness of our products, thanks. Very energetic and creative company and give me very quick feedback, its nice to have a good contact for tableware ceramics who is also a nice person!
Sourcing and PD

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Industry News & Corporate Trends

According to the Ceramic and Porcelain Tableware Market report, valued at USD 6.7 billion in 2023, is expected to hit USD 8.1 billion by 2028, with a 4.1% annual growth rate.

Upclay know coffee first from an Italy client, they asked for cups shapes, thickness etc, and we finally met their requirements. A culture is not you heard before, but you
At the beginning, our main materials were stoneware and white porcelain. As our distributors demanded different materials, we began to provide different materials to help customers to enrich their store.

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